What do we create?

It Starts with EXPOSURE. It doesn’t matter if you use a 3D printer, a laser cutter, or glue sticks and cardboard. Learning ignites when kids see their idea made into a real thing. It works whether they make a model robot, a video game, or their first feature film. When kids make real things, with […]

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A Film About A Boy And His…

“The world needs more kid made things.” Alex Bannister was one of several employees of First Tech Federal Credit Union who first heard those words at TEDx Portland in 2015. They came from a talk given by our very own G Bundy where he shared that quote, which came from a Beaverton elementary student. The […]

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This is your bus.

This is your bus. After a recent bus trip to Hazeldale, we received this crayon drawing of the bus.  It was accompanied by a short story about a FutureBus visit.  I was excited to see another cool drawing from a thoughtful kid, like many sent to us over the years.  For some reason, this one […]

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As our first year on the bus came to a close, we finally got a chance to hit the road with one of our favorite projects: building an electric guitar out of a cigar box!  We worked with one of the 7th grade band classes at Cedar Park middle school over several days. Aside from […]

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Opening the Floodgates

On a recent trip to Fir Grove Elementary School, we had the opportunity to do some deeper dives into Lego robotics. After a brief exploration and research session about the current flooding situation in California, upper elementary students learned how to build and program a working floodgate. We then displayed current weather data from the […]

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Before we all got iced out, we got more chances to engage in hands-on making, robotics and programming around the district.  The first step was exposing teachers to different options and ideas that were available.  After conferring with grade level and building teams we made a plan to provide the opportunity for students to engage in […]

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Ozobots and Math @ Meadow Park

“I feel smart!” -Quote from an 8th grader after writing his first programming function. About 200 8th grade AGS 1 students from Meadow Park programmed Ozobots to solve challenges.  Using visual coding and quite a bit of math, they persevered to get their tiny robot to run laps, knock down bowling pins, and escape from a […]

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