What do we create?

It Starts with EXPOSURE.

It doesn’t matter if you use a 3D printer, a laser cutter, or glue sticks and cardboard. Learning ignites when kids see their idea made into a real thing. It works whether they make a model robot, a video game, or their first feature film. When kids make real things, with purpose, for a real audience, you don’t have to tell them to make it great. We help to make that happen.


Instructional innovation takes time and effort and often, money. Sometimes kids and schools alike need a helping hand to hold the door open until everybody gets on board. We partner with the Beaverton Education Foundation to make connections in our community between those with needs and those who want to help to turn the sparks of new ideas into flames. Because when teachers are excited about a new way of teaching or kids are excited about a new way of learning, we all win.


What are we hoping to achieve? There’s a long answer to that question. Here’s the short one. We ask, did a teacher try something new in their classroom? When that happens, we call it a win. Did they keep doing it? Did it work? Did they move on to something else? Every time they try something new, we call it a win. Because learning means to try, sometimes to fail, and to excitedly get back on the bus for another go at it tomorrow.